CN Retail Unit

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CN Retail Unit is an easily deployable, foldable container both for fast, practical and comfortable on-site vending. The CN Retail Unit foldable container gives a 20ft pop-up unit for merchandise, retail, F&B, ticket sales, box office, etc.

As all CN units, it reduces the environmental impact of transportation and construction time, thus transforms event logistics as we know it today.

Lift up canopy and drop down counter ›› the perfect unit for any point of sale operation

The CN Retail Unit has the same standard as CN20. They can be combined and linked to each other either on the long on the short side
Long side can be opened up (gas spring gives smooth function and safety)
Integrated, lockable service table with quality surface
The technological design is the highest quality. Sidewalls are made from PIR foam sandwich panels, heat and sound insulated, waterproof and flame retardant (B1). Invisible folding hinge with self-locking system supports the safe and reliable operation


Closed: 6058×2440×555 mm
Open: 6058×2440×2776 mm
Inner height: 2504 mm
Inner width: 2315 mm
Inner length: 5791 mm


2000 kg


10 units can be loaded on a standard trailer in Europe
Decreases the logistical as well administration costs (eg. entrance permits) by 80% due to its stackability in folded position
Decreases the space needed for warehousing with 80%
It can be on and off loaded, setted up and teared down with the same machine (forklift, telehandler, crane)
Enviromental friendly 80% reduction of CO2 emission
Fast deployment, installation within minutes


Quick set up and tear down (on leveled surface 5-10 mins)
Safe – due to the patented hinge mechanism the tear down of the unit is only possible with the deliberate usage of specific machinery
High comfort – insulated containers can be cooled or heated
Multifunctionality – Retail unit, Bar, Ticket office, office, storage
Mobily, scalable and modular


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