CN SU10 (Solar)

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All technical, logistical and operational characteristics are identical with the 10′ Standard model, except or additionally the ones listed below.


1000 kg


6 pack ultra-rugged glass-glass walkable solar panel
950 W PV nominal performance with polycrystalline technology
Max PV output up to 1010 W
Antireflection coating
Prismatic and ultra-clear top glass
High efficiency poly- and monocrystalline system also available


240 V 50 Hz full sinus
Continuous power at 25–40 °C 1000/850 W
Peak power 2200 W


Safety EN-IEC 60335-1; EN-IEC 62109-1
EMC EN 55014-1; EN 55014-2;
EC 61000-6-1; IEC 61000-6-2;
IEC 61000-6-3
Automotive Directive ECE R10-4


Industrial lithium cell with high energy density, made on the safe LiFePO4 technology. Can be recharged at any state of discharge – no memory effect. LiFePO4 is a very safe technology, no spontaneous combustion, does not react with moisture or with oxygen.

Capacity 100 Ah
Operation voltage 22,4–29,2 V
Operating temperature -20–55 °C
Optional outer battery pack 100–800 Ah


Eliminates the need of power generators
Eliminates the need of fuel storage and supply


”Stealth mode” due to zero noise emission during operation
Hybrid system with built in intelligent command unit for grid or off grid mode
The solar panel and inverter system can be optimized for specific climate areas
Additional power banks can be provided next to the built-in battery capacity to ensure higher and/or longer energy output
Ultra-rugged glass-glass walkable solar panel which resist physical impact
Remote monitoring and control of the solar and battery system either via Bluetooth (20 m range accessibility) or web (global accessibility)


Developing vertical solar surfaces on the side panels and solar sun-blinds for higher power generation capacity
Increasing the energy storage capacity by installing a battery pack in the flooring
”Stealth mode” improvement by using camouflage panels
Developing AC system compatible with the solar energy resources


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