Deployable Military Shooting Range

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A unique mobile shooting range system based on foldable container technology.

Transportable with 3 semi-trailer trucks with a flatbed trailer or 5 pcs. 20-foot side-loading container trailers, thanks to the folding modules providing a shooting distance, of which 3 can be transported simultaneously on one 20-feet container base transport area.

Can be relocated and fully operational within 12 hours!

Thanks to its modular design, the shooting distance can be increased optionally. In its current configuration with 6 innovative foldable armoured and noise insulated modules it provides 15 m range for static shooting.

Either 4 person static or a 1 person dynamic shooting exercises can be performed in the shooting range.

Its bullet resistance is ensured by the SSAB Armox 600T armour.

All surfaces comply with VPAM ARP2006 level 7 protection. The complete small arm range of the Hungarian Armed Forces can be used in the shooting range with standard issue ammunition (except for armour piercing and tracer rounds).

The shooting range is armoured in a 360 ° manner and its internal surfaces are completely ricochet-proof, thus protecting those inside and outside the shooting range from injuries caused by negligent discharges.

The armour of the shooting range also prevents active shooters firing outwards. No projectile can leave the shooting range neither through the container connections nor the air-ducts, so the shooting range can be safely operated even in a populated area.

Thanks to its unique sound-absorbing wall structure, specially designed to reduce the noise of shots, the in-use noise load of the shooting range 10 meters from the shooting range reaches a maximum of 50 decibels, which is lower than the average street noise, so it can be used from early morning until late evening without disturbing the surrounding population.

The air conditioning container is a separate structural unit, which is a complex ventilation system built into a 20-foot container. It ensures the proper extraction of hazardous gases generated during shooting, the supply of fresh air and the heating and cooling of the shooting range.

The shooting booth allows the command and control of a maximum 4 person shooting exercise. Also allows the control of the air conditioning, the light effects and provides safe storage for weapons and ammunition.

The bullet trap made of 10mm Armox 600T plates and a ventillation unit is installed in the last 20 foot container.

The bullet trap efficiently absorbs the energy of the impacting projectiles and directs them into trays that can be emptied without in the exposure of heavy metals.


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