CN20 BH – Black Hole

Developing the space saving container that provides 100% privacy against optical, acoustic and radio-electronic eavesdropping, in a compact foldable package.

CN CEC – Continest Expeditionary Camp

This concept was developed with the aim to provide the necessary mobility, safety and energy efficiency that is needed for any military unit that has to perform activities in distant and hostile environment.

CN20 UT – Urban Trainer

The system that allows you to rearrange buildings, so your soldiers won’t train in the same city over and over again. Also possible to arrange buildings to mimic your future operational urban environment.

CN CP – Checkpoint

The system can generate its own power need and provide the suitable protection level to different threat levels.



CN BW (Ballistic Wall)

The BW can be customized to the standard size of both the CN10 and CN20 units. Standard frame height of the BW is 200 cm, which can be adjusted, depending on customer request.

CN Sanitary (WetCell)

Designed and produced by MSS International, in close cooperation with Continest. A CN Sanitary (WetCell) is equipped with a regular flush toilet, a sink and a shower.

CN20 Hybrid

The concept of the unit is to provide the most efficient energy production and storage combination for deployed infrastructure systems regardless of the geographical and environmental conditions.